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Extend Surface Error


Good evening. I am trying to take this boat deck surface I have created with bluesurf, some section profiles and guide curves and extend it outward, 2" with little luck. When I try to extend the complex side curves it fails, stating "Geometry could not be extended to create a valid feature". If I try to extend the aft curve, it extends just fine. I suppose this geometry might be outside the limitations of this command. Is there a different way I could approach this? I considered editing the section curves and carry them outboard 2", but I would also need to offset the guide curves as well. Keep in mind this is shaped like a surf board, and the constraints of the surface don't terminate with one plane. Thanks for any help in advance.


Re: Extend Surface Error

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Gears Esteemed Contributor

Hi there @CADCAM16,


Might be good if you could share the file here?


But, I tried a rough surfacing of similar style, and find there more than likely to be self intersecting geometry that is limiting this from executing correctly in one operation.

So my thought would be to break it up a bit....trim it back to less than half using a parallel plane, extend the outer surface edges as desired to that half, then mirror the surface body & create a surface blend between.

[probably nicer to trim further, or even add blended guide curves to sharpen it up the tip]


2018-04-10 (2).png


2018-04-10 (3).png

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Re: Extend Surface Error


Thanks Sean for your help. I tried this and still get an error "Internal Error Unable to recompute topology tracking information". I think I will try to approach this differently and recreate the lofted geometry on size, rather than trying to do this after the fact. I think it's just too complex geometry and as you said has some self intersecting points to it. 

Re: Extend Surface Error

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Gears Esteemed Contributor





I believe, to follow an "old" surface rule, I have created for myself 30 years ago, will help anyway:


"Always try to create surfaces with 4 boundaries!"


You often will run into problems if one of those boundary curves is degenerated to a single point.

This brings the mathematic into problems!

So keep a small line on the peak point and I believe that You can extend those surface.