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Extracting Material Properties Macro

I guess I should start off by saying I have little to no experience writing code  -__- . I have been trying to use different examples from various sources but I continuously get errors and dont understand how to properly debug them (or if I am even using the correct code for what I want to achieve).


I am implementing Radan for our Nesting Software and have been relatively successful with its application for our manufacturing process. The first issue I ran into was how our material templates were set up in Solid Edge. We use all Stainless Steel so our filtering should have been easy, but whoever set up the templates included the gage size and finish in the material type - I.E. 14 Ga SS 2B. After communication with some people at Vero they have generated a DTM plug-in for us that allows Radan to extract file property information from Solid Edge. This has helped us quite a bit and opened alot of doors for us without having to change our template structure.


My issue now is that our template does not include the material grade (301, 304, 316)... I would rather not create 2 additional templates so Radan can filter the grade of Stainless. This would require us to edit thousands of parts in our current library and also make duplicate parts of the same thing just to change the material selection as customers might order an upgraded material for a standard machine.


I need help writing a Macro (honestly, I dont know how to start) that will extract the material for all of the sheetmetal parts in the desired assembly. Next, I envision a form to pop up and ask the user to select the material grade (301, 304, 316). After the grade has been selected I expect the macro to add the information to the extracted material properties and paste them in the file properties under something like "Keywords".


Any and all insight on the matter will be greatly appreciated.



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Re: Extracting Material Properties Macro

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Reading from and assigning material properties back into a part or sheetmetal file is a pretty easy task.

Even I had not handled such a task until this question came up so I looked up the Developer Forum and found plenty of resources to achieve this, although they are scattered in various posts and need to be digged out and assembled into a working solution.

How would you rate your Solid Edge programming skills ?


~Tushar Suradkar


Re: Extracting Material Properties Macro

My programming skills are not very good... My only experience is going in and editing/ updating some macros that a previous engineer had left behind when he moved to a different company. I never built a macro from scratch and could definately use some practice.

Re: Extracting Material Properties Macro

I will be following this thread. I'm very interested how Radan implemented. I did nesting software shopping over a year ago, and the process was put on hold until we got the basic bugs out of our plasma machine (new for us). A punch is our main flat pattern machine. Radan took second place for me, and metamation I thought was the best.


From the demo I looked at, Radan required that the flat patterns be re-generated durring export of sheet metal parts. This is not an option for me because I have down stream cad operation from the flat patterns.


One detail I'm curious about is moving information from SE into Radan specifically how the part names can be organized. I plan to use "Document name formula" as a slot to create unique names for the 1000's of parts we make based on the size of the box the part is used on. I have about 100 models each with a Body 1 and Baffle 1 and lid part. Each box has a unique name. the real problem is that each box comes in 20 different sizes. I plan on link the box dimensions to the flat pattern names. for example: Box E-Part L-size XYZ

Re: Extracting Material Properties Macro

The DTM Plug-In I was referring to should make what you wish to do relatively easy. There is a tab in the Plug-In that allows you to pull any variable or file property information from Solid Edge and over write whatever Radan attributes you wish. Radan then generates its own file type for your flat pattern. I am unsure what you meant by re-generates it's own flat pattern? The information is pulled from Solid Edge but does not have write access to Solid Edge files. I would also like to note that the Design To Manufacture 2 plug-in was sold to us at an additional charge however, the amount of flexibility it adds to our process was well worth it. 

Re: Extracting Material Properties Macro

Nice to hear. Who did you work with during the sales process?

What type of machines are you cutting with? A punch is typically the most difficult to get right and is our main tool. No heat effected zone in the finished flat patterns with a punch so the grinding is minimal before welding.

Re: Extracting Material Properties Macro

Planit Solutions sold us the Vero software (Radan). We have an Amada 357 Punch (It's a dinosoar but its reliable) we also just purchased a Mazak Optiplex 3015. The Radpunch software was appealing to me because there are many ways to optimize the tooling and make the punching "smarter". Setting up standard tool lists or designating tools to certain stations is incredibly helpful. The most exciting thing about Radpunch for me was the ability to save tooled geometry, so that when it shows up again on a different part it will recognize how you tooled it the last time (so long as the geometry is exactly the same), This is helpful because we have some odd corner treatements and so on. The problem with punch software is how long it takes to set up and come across all of the different geometries before it becomes "completely" automated. Nesting software is much easier to handle with profiling machines.

Re: Extracting Material Properties Macro

would anyone be able to explain why I am coming up with this error in my code? This is just the begenning of the routine I am trying to write and it won't even let me step through it -__- 


I believe I have everything Dim'd properly? Any advice or insight?