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Sorry if this has been answered before, I have searched this forum & the help documents with no result.


Is there anyway to see what colour something has been painted, like the old fashioned eye dropper tool from paint?


I don't want to have to keep guessing if something is silver/grey/steel/aluminium etc., any ideas?


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AFAIK, there is currently no way to do this in SE, especially in the case of identifying individualy painted model faces......this would be a welcome addition to the part painter tool.

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Re: Eyedropper?

I use the Color Cop application when I have to do this. There are a number of small programs you can get, or even larger ones like GIMP. Color Cop allows you to sample any color on the screen, not just in the application.

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Re: Eyedropper?

The assembly environment surprisingly has this ability. Selecting a component updates the Part Painter list to reflect its material/color. This feature is lacking in the Part environment and is very frustrating since I must try out few closely similar materials until I get the one that matches.

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Re: Eyedropper?

This free macro will answer the question... 
What style name was used to paint that face, feature or body with Part Painter?

The paint is still wet on the source code so be careful.


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What a decent piece of code @JasonTitcomb - awesome !

Never had knowledge of using mouse interactions in Solid Edge API - Double thanks for that !! Smiley Happy




Re: Eyedropper?

Interop.SolidEdge.dll is corrupted and launching the macro without it cause an error.

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Thank you :-)


More than I had hoped for

Re: Eyedropper?


What version of SE are you on?



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I'm on ST7 and ST8 in dual install.

Did try to re download, but same problem.