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F.A.S.T - Workflow


I recently created some keyboard shortcuts (which i often forget to use to my advantage) and thought i would share.


Some favorites:

Alt+E = "edit in place"

Alt+R = "return and close"  .............these have dramatically improved my productivity

Alt+X = "hide part"



Alt+D = "show only" / (no relevance to the letter its just close to my other shortcuts)

Alt+S = "move to synchronous" / (being new/addicted to modeling in sync i catch myself switching old parts)


There are others but these are the few i thought i'd share. Hope this helps  


Re: F.A.S.T - Workflow

Honored Contributor
Honored Contributor

I attached a DOC file with two different lists of shortcuts.


The one I use all the time is Control-H. when sketching, this returns the view to "normal" to the sketch. I frequently have to rotate the view to make sure I'm adding relations or includes from the correct part that is not clear when looking normal to the sketch. but after that, I want to return to the "Normal" view.


The ones I have yet to figure out are the old Microsoft standards for file management.

Alt-F then

o open

x close

s save

a save as

p print


I have those so worked into my mustle memory I have to use the mouse rather than other sets of hot keys. Those key combinations work in every program I use except SE. I have literally used them millions of times over the past 28 years.