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FOP with Part Copy


I have an issue that I have to assume is not unique.

My company current makes a large number of castings that we then machine.

Our standard workflow is:

1. Create a pattern model (basically a solid wit hall external features).

2. Create a core model (An inverse model of the inside of the casting).

3. We then crete a casting model by inserting a part copy of the Pattern and then with a boolean opearinon subtract the core.

4. The castings are then inserted via a part copy into a maching model where exces material is machined off.


Many of these castings are similar and just vary by size, so I thought this would be an excellent opportunity to use Family of Parts FOP. (example: an elbow fitting that exist in sizes: 2", 3", 4", 6", 8")


I was able to easily to create:

1. Family of parts in each size for the pattern.

2. family of parts in each size for the core.


Where my issue came in was creating a family of parts for the finished casting (using the boolena method mentioned above).

I was able to insert a design body of each fitting size into a master file. I was also able to insert a construction body of each core into the master file and do a boolean to subtract the core from the respective pattern.

I then created the FOP for the finished casting by supressing the sizes not needed.

Even though the design bodies are selectable as supressed in the FOP table, Solid Edge does not supress these features. The construction bodies and the boolen feature can be supressed.


Does anyone have a solution they are using on similar castings?

I would love to be able to use FOP so that we do not have to manually create as many 2-D drawings in the end.  We have several hundred 2-D drawings to create.


Thanks for your help.