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Face Relate in Assembly



How to use FaceRelate in assembly?

I try it before and it is not the same when i use in part design.

Means when I apply concentric face relate between two parts in assembly, when i change one hole location the other one will not follow.


Or anyone know the solution? I like to change the hole location for one part and the hole from other part also will follow.


Re: Face Relate in Assembly

Any screenshots to see exactelly what you are looking for?



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‎12-09-2015 08:56 PM

Re: Face Relate in Assembly

In Part design, Face Relate has the option to be Persistent (move this face and the related face moves too on edit) or non-Persistent (just get the face there but keep it "independent").

In Assembly, Face Relate is only non-Persistent.  However, in your case, you can select both holes in the assembly and move them together, or you could use "Create Inter Part Relationships".  Create Inter Part Relationships allows you to establish one hole as the driving hole and the other as the "follower". 

To use this method, align the holes first (with Face Relate or on creation) and then select Create Inter Part Relationships option.   SE will see these two holes aligned and prompt which one is driven and which one will drive.


Hope this helps.



Kevin Grayson
Solid Edge Technical Consultant

Re: Face Relate in Assembly

Thanks for the reply....yes it help me.