Face to DXF: Free macro

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Someone in the Pet Peeves section mentioned about lack of this feature in SE and also this feature is available in SW too, right in the context menu for a face. Also available in Inventor, hence looks important.


The Face2DXF for Solid Edge is still a beta version and
• Does not support spline or curved edges
• Only lines, arcs and circles are supported
• Only planar faces can be picked
• Works in Part and Sheetmetal files


Since DXF exporting is available in the sheetmetal environment for a flattened model, I am interested in knowing any practical use for exporting just a face to DXF.


Here's a page with the download link and a short usage video:


~Tushar Suradkar

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Re: Face to DXF: Free macro

What can I say....THANK YOU TUSHAR.


I have downloaded the macro and it does work flawlessly.


I just have seen that you have shared an amazing amount of macro's to the SE community. 58 to be exactly.

Klaus Dahlenburg collected and wrote 75 macro's on his website.

I think you can start programming a collectors box for SE or something.Smiley Wink

Dirk Rutten

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Re: Face to DXF: Free macro

Thank you Dirk for your words of appreciation.


Meanwhile I too was thinking of going back and collecting all my macros posted on this forum.

Do you have any trick to find these, in the profile, etc. Kindly let me know.


Also do you know if Klaus is on this forum ? are you referring to ?





Re: Face to DXF: Free macro

If you want to find all the macro's that you have made, that's easy I can send them to you.Smiley Surprised

But if you want to collect all the macro's placed on this forum and elsewhere then I have to say I have an extensive library with all the macro's I have found of SE since V17 when I started with SE.

But if you really want to have all from this forum, I think you should mail Harrison Spain From Siemens PLM.

But I guess that the dino's like Bob Mileti, Rick Mason, Ken Grundey, Wolfgang Hackl...and I suppose I'm missing many others also have a much bigger database then I have. My library is around 2.2GB big with macro's made from all over the world...Maybe this is the moment to thank them all for being so kind to share their bits&bytes.

And about Klaus I'm not sure but I think he does not follow this forum anymore. But yes his forum is still active and can be found like described in your reply.


Dirk Rutten

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Re: Face to DXF: Free macro

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This is great, BUT.  It would be more functional to do a view and not a face.  SW actually creates DXFs of views (current view [whatever is on screen] or one of the primary views.  If the view you want is not one of the primary views, then you just normal to that view and then create the DXF using "current" view.  You actuall just go to File>save as>DXF in part mode and then it enters into the dxf dialogue.


see attached video of SW functionality



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Re: Face to DXF: Free macro

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The SW functionality in the video is quite dramatic in that it saves creating drawing views in a Draft sheet and then exporting to DXF. Exporting various standard and the isometric view to DXF is available in Solid Edge though not directly from the Part environment as in SW.


The feature from SolidWorks that I made available via this macro in Solid Edge is this:




Right clicking a face, like the blue one in the image above and exporting JUST the face and not the entire view. The Solid Edge macro does exactly this.


Hope this clears some air.

Re: Face to DXF: Free macro

Ok, that Ive never used that function.  Would it be possible to get the one I showed? I need t bad

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Re: Face to DXF: Free macro

I'd be glad to automate the workflow from SW seen in the video subject to:

1. It is not available in Solid Edge at all.

2. Any practical use.


Referring (1) above, there is a workaround - creating all desired views as drawing views in Draft and exporting the Draft to a DXF


(2) Is there any engineering or specifically manufacturing related use of exporting an isometric view to DXF ? DXF can be a bridge between CAD and illustration programs and this can still be addressed through (1) above.


Re: Face to DXF: Free macro

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Hi Tushar,


Thank you, this is a great add-in for me, I'll use it for quickly pulling profiles into CAM.


I'm having a problem, the add-in won't run but gives an error: "Works in Part or Sheetmetal only."


This is the first time I've installed an add-in so it's likely I'm doing something wrong.  I added it to Part and Sheetmetal, both Ordered and Synchronous, using your instructions here:


It gives the error whether editing in place in an assembly, or with the [sheet metal] part open.


Thanks for your help!


[Edit: I'm on ST9 SP5]



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Re: Face to DXF: Free macro

Hi Ryan:


I had hard-coded that message into the macro but it is strange it appears even when a Part/Sheetmetal document is open. No one else has reported this, but thanks for notifying.


I will look into fixing this or remove the file type check altogether at the next best opportunity, it's Friday evening out here and no access to a computer with Solid Edge Smiley Sad