Faces not staying Parallel

I've made two face parallel, but when I modify one the other doesn't maintain the parallel relationship. I checked live rules and it doesn't look to me like there is anything that conflicts. 


Any suggestions?



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Re: Faces not staying Parallel


Yes, because you didn`t use persist option (small yellow lock) on ribbon. In this case when you make 3d relationship between faces you have to toogle on persist option. You will see the result in the "model tree".


Re: Faces not staying Parallel

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Thanks, it's hard to see if the lock is locked or not, I'm wondering why they didn't just make the lock display open or closed depending on it's setting?


The problem I'm having now is that if any two opposing sides of the piece aren't locked to parallel they move, and if they are the whole piece is locked and the entire piece rotates (even with live rules turned off). I just want to change the angle of one side. 


Also how do I turn off a relationship, like parallel, once I've created it?