False drawings with automatic measurements, tolerances

Hello Edger,


since nearly 10 years I am a convinced SE User. But now I discovered an old big big mistake and nothing happens.


PRT: create an traditional model, add tolerances to the measurments


create an drawing, ovrtake the measuremnets automaticly


back to the model/PRT:

change the tolerance, store



refresh the drawing, nothing happens, false toerance class



change the measuremnet (eg 70 to 50), 


refresh, the measuremnt change, the tolerance numbers changed, but the tolerance class is the same


So in this case SE produce since V17 false drawings. In 2008 I lost my job instead of false drawings. It was a company who produce hydraulic valve parts and the tolreance classes are very important

Instead of changing/refreshing the tolerance numbers, I thought all is OK.


Now I see that this mistake is still available and UGS means its an enhancement and no mistake!!! 


What can I do? I lost now my patience!! 


Thank you






Re: False drawings with automatic measurements, tolerances

Hi Edger,


nobody with an idea?



Noboldy with the same problems?


I tried to store the model under STP, relaod it as Sync model and make all measurement new ... with tolerances .... and the same


Is this noraml that I cant overtake the tolereances from the model?


What is my mistake?