Family Of Assemblies Issue



I am new to Solid Edge, I have been using it for about 2 months. One of my projects required me to use the family of assemblies to show a drawer in the open and closed positions. I did this correctly to my knowledge, but today the drop down that let me choose the drawer position turned into a blank bar (shown with blue box around it). Also when I make certain changes (relationships and show/hide part) and save, the assembly doesn't keep them. When I look at the assembly in design manager it doesnt show any of the existing parts. I can still open the part through solid edge. I might have a corrupted file? Does anyone know how this might have happened and how to prevent it in the future? I included screen shots.








Re: Family Of Assemblies Issue

I have never seen that happen and we use them here.


You probably need to contact your VAR or GTAC as the file and all components used will be needed to diagnose what is going on.



Production: ST9 MP7
Testing: ST10

Re: Family Of Assemblies Issue

I can try that, thank you. I figured it was worth a shot to see if anyone had seen anything similar.