Family of part..

Hi Edge usersI

made a family of parts.
You are about to replace a part in an assembly environment.
I would like to change the part replacement to one of the Family of Parts items ...
A window for selecting another part will appear.

How does it look like the picture below?



Re: Family of part..

Are you asking how to do that and get the dialog asking which FOP member to choose?


If so,  you just use the Replace Part command, but the part you are replacing must be one of the FOP members for it to bring up the dialog.  If it is not an FOP member, then it just brings up the standard Open dialog.


Production: ST9 MP7
Testing: ST10

Betreff: Family of part..

Hi @Hclee




I must agree to @Grundey.

It needs a better explanation of what You are going to do and what You want from SE to do for YOu.