Fast Search and SEPropertyHandler.dll again!

Hi Edgers,

today I was extremely astonished that - and here I'm absolutely sure - the SEPropertyHandler.dll was registered a couple of weeks ago, the fast search in Windows Explorer worked (at least with knwoing bugs), and we could use the SE properties too.


Now, today I have seen, that all the SE Proeprties were gone from possible columns in windows explorer.


I know the wonderful article by Michel  (Getting-Over-Obstacles-to-Solid-Edge-Fast-Search ) and when looking for the SE specific columens (properties like SE-Status) they were away


So, again, and not the second time, I had to reregister the SEProeprtyHandler.dll to make the index and the fast search working again.


What happens or better what happend, that this suddenly might not work anymore?


Has anybody any idea?

Has this to do with certain windows updates, batches, service packs, what ever?

PS.: win10 with ST9 MP2







Re: Fast Search and SEPropertyHandler.dll again!

[ Edited ]

Nothing has been confirmed but we believe Windows 10 updates may be the cause of this.

Re: Fast Search and SEPropertyHandler.dll again!

Hi Dave,

this is something I also have seen as reason.

Or - this might be the reason a month ago -  the Solid Edge Maintenance Pack.

Could it be that the installation of MP also makes the SEPropertyHandler.dll corrupt?


Again, this could not be the reason this time