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Re: Fast Search from NAS



We certainly wouldn't want to that very often as we have 100GB+ of data (although much of it is crap really - hence why we really need the fast search).

There has been a bit of a free-for-all and users have left all sorts of stuff that doesn't need to be there - step files in and out, old copies of massive imported assemblies etc so we need to have a big sort-out.


One question I do have is - if you do copy all that data locally, what gets updated and when ?

By that I'm asking does everything get updated or is there some mechanism for just updating changed files ?

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Re: Fast Search from NAS

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@beachcomber when you enable Offline files, once *all* of the files have been copied from the server to the local workstation, then Windows will monitor and only sync those files and folders that have changed.


So although syncing the contents of an entire CAD server may not be viable, if you work on project based designs then it may well be feasible to make available offline and only sync project folders from the server.  At which time indexing and BiDM would then work for you.

Re: Fast Search from NAS


Great topic!


Asking this questions will probably show my level of ignorance on this topic, but might be worth while:


Since you can connect a windows server to the SAN via iSCSI, then would it be possible to configure each workstation to use those LUNs and see the SAN as a local device.  Then just configure fast indexing on what each workstation sees as a local disk.  Would avoid needing another windows server license just to index files. 

I don't know what the cost of a windows server on a VM ammounts to or how far it would go to get Fiber cable from the NAS to the Engineering Department workstations.  I assume the speed would be increadible.



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Re: Fast Search from NAS

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@bnemec wrote:

Great topic!

I agree but you just acronymized me out. "LUN, SAN"? Must I google now? I presume "VM" mean virtual machine


Jeez, man, dumb it down a little! For me anyway...:}

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