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Fastener System


Being very new to SE (Foundation license) I have a question or two about the Fastener System in the assembly environment. When using the Fastener System tool I am able to select the fasteners I want, but when I attempt to add fastener parts to the assembly, specifically bolts, washer and nuts, or preview them I get the following error message:


"Your license does not allow the placement of the specific part".


Does my SE Foundation license not include access to the Fastener System tool?


Could it be something I missed when I did the install?


Are certain parts not available to the Foundation license?


Does the Standard Parts need to be located in a specific location in order for Fastener System to see it?


Thank you for your help.FS-Dialog_Error.PNG


I believe Foundation includes Standard Parts but does not...

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I believe Foundation includes Standard Parts but does not include the Machinery Library.


So if you have loaded Machinery Library you will not be able to place those parts.


Foundations allows you to use Standard Parts and loads a small set of parts to show you the gist of how the system works,  then you can add your own parts to the library.


If you plan to attend Solid Edge University (, be advised that my colleague Navjot Gill is presenting on Standard Parts; how to create custom fasteners.  


Custom Properties and Custom Parts in Solid Edge Standard Parts

Navjot Singh Gill, Application Engineer, Ally PLM Solutions

Level: Basic

This presentation will cover how to use standard parts in the Solid Edge assembly environment, how to add custom parts to the Solid Edge standard parts database, and how to add a custom property to the standard parts library.  In addition, the use of fastener systems with Solid Edge standard parts will be shown.

Matt Johnson
Application Engineer
Ally PLM Solutions