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Fastener systems in the cloud




We use the fastenersystem for all the bolts and nuts in our constructions, but if all the bolts/nuts and washers are placed (10.000+) the assy becomes a bit heavy to handle since they are "pulled" from the server.


Would it be possible to place them on f.i. dropbox so that every user has them local once they are placed..


Has anyone tried something like this ? please let me know.


Kind Regards,


Jan Bos

Emmen, The Netherlands

User since V3.5







Re: Fastener systems in the cloud

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

That's similar to a cache system used by PDM systems.

Bruce Shand
SE2019 MP8 - Insight - Win10 - K4200

Re: Fastener systems in the cloud

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Siemens Phenom

I haven’t tried this but some immediate thoughts that come to mind:


If these files stored on Dropbox/cloud will be changing then you will need to implement the Solid Edge locking file.


Dropbox when installed/configured can use different file locations as its storage point so each user potentially could have a different file path.  This then causes issues with Solid Edge file linking in the assemblies.  That said this could be overcome by creating a hardlink or linkmgmt.


In order to do this each user would have to have access/share the same dropbox account which then prevents users from having their own personal dropbox accounts on their machine. 


Both of the above concerns could be overcome by implementing a different cloud storage solution.  Perhaps implement an internal private cloud storage solution on the file server -- look at ownCloud


Also, if having a "cache" is what you are looking at, have you considered leaving the files on the server share and enabling "offline mode" ?

Re: Fastener systems in the cloud


I am in the process of trying this exact thing.

I have located my working directory & standard parts directory within drobpox.

To overcome the problem of using different file locations I have changed the dropbox folder location to:



I work alone, I just want to make sure I have the latest files synced between my desktop & laptop for client visits. I have been delaying buying a laptop for CAD, so haven't had a chance to see how well this setup works between two PCs.


There could be a potential issue with this setup if different users were share the same workstation, they both wouldn't be able to use the C:\Dropbox folder. But if people did not share workstations, I don't see why they couldn't use different dropbox accounts, as long as they had the same C:\Dropbox\StandardParts directory structure?


I will take a closer look at the Solid Edge Portal when I upgrade to ST10, it sounds very promising though. A great way to promote Solid Edge with clients too, a very clever move by Siemens I think.


I haven't tested this setup, so open to correction on this.

Solid Edge 2019 MP4 - Windows 10 - K2000

Re: Fastener systems in the cloud


Hi, thanks for the suggestion to move the dropbox to c:/dropbox  this overcomes the problem of the username in the path and thus getting broken links.

We would like to have one compagny dropbox where we store parts like bolts/nuts/washers, macros, reports, usertemplates, propseed, material, etc.  so that this is store on everyones local drive (thus quick access)  and always up to date..


Its a bit strange that ST9/10 is cloud enabled but the fastener system is still server based..


Thanks so far,


Jan Bos