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Feature Callout Changes

I am new to Solid Edge from Solidworks.  My boss wants some changes to the hole callouts to show a "slightly" different style.  I am trying to make changes to the Feature Callout tab of the Callout Properties window.  I can make the changes, close out the window, reopen the window and the changes are gone.  I am guessing that I need to make the changes somewhere other than in the draft template file, but I can't seem to figure out where.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


 The attached file will show the screen I am attempting to change.


JD Haigler
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‎06-14-2017 11:10 AM

Betreff: Feature Callout Changes

Hi @Shotman77



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The settings for most of those draft elements are done witihn the draft file itself.

So if You change it in the template - what BTW is absolutely correct and necessary - this in the first step has no influence to existing older draft files.


To make those also taking care about this changes You have to update the format styles for drafts.


So first of all YOu will change them in the template




This is for all the new drafts in the future.

But - and I see tzhis as important - You also should save those style settings back to a central "database"

This normally is the material MTL You are using, but could be any SE file You want.


So from the changed template open the Style Organizer and send those changed styles back to MTL






And the same function will be used to bring those changed settings and styles back into existing draft files.



I hope this will help You organizing Your template and settings.


With ST9 many of them are also stored in external TXT files under the reports folder of SE

Depending on what exactly YOu are using this also might be another method to automize Your tasks.



Betreff: Feature Callout Changes


Thank you for the great and complete solution to my issue.  I really appreciate you taking the time to help me out.


JD Haigler

Betreff: Feature Callout Changes

... welcome