Feature Origin in Sheet metal

How can I get the coordinates of the feature origin eg. louvre, Dimple, etc.


The origin is shown in Solid Edge but I could not find any way to extract this information except to put dimensions on it in the drawing. The information is somewhere in the data but hidden.

Coordinates of features.jpg



Has somebody hints or ideas to get it?



Re: Feature Origin in Sheet metal

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I suggest placing PMI dimensions or using Measure command!


Here is a short video:




Re: Feature Origin in Sheet metal

Thank you for the fast reply.

But this is a lot of work if you have 20-50 features in your model.

I was more looking for a way to create a list of this information similar to the holes table

|Feature Name| X-Origin| Y-Origin|Direction|
|Louvre 1 |455 mm| 125 mm| Down |
|Dimple 1 |155 mm| 135 mm| Up |


Re: Feature Origin in Sheet metal

The ordinate dimension command is as close as you will get.

Even if you create a set of variables with the values you want, how do you display them? It is impossible to display a visible in a table on a one by one basis. Variables can only be added to tables on a by row or by column setup.


I have this problem with the bend tables I make for myself. I have to display old school rows of text using the (annotation / call out) command.

Re: Feature Origin in Sheet metal

The goal is to feed a CNC machine with the table similar to the hole table for a drilling machine.


The machine should select the tool and use it on the specific coordinates.We want to avoid the manual data transfer by typing in the values.