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Feature Toggler

Gears Honored Contributor Gears Honored Contributor
Gears Honored Contributor

The Feature Toggler utility toggles the Suppress state of all features of the specified type for e.g. Holes.




I receive a lot of requests through personal eMails asking for some custom functionality without any description supporting its use in real world. The Feature Toggler is one of them though the requester cited one loosely comprehensible application in some sort of CG analysis requiring quick toggling of feature suppression state, some other uses are as described on this page:

Applications of the Feature Toggler.


This utility perhaps has the tiniest dialog in the world - just click a feature type and all features of that type in the current model are suppressed if un-suppressed and vice-versa.




I am not aware of a method which can accomplish this without coding.


The program download and source code is directly on this page.

A Solid Edge Maker Faire tutorial describing how the utility is coded is available on this page.


Below is a video of how the Feature Toggler functions:



~Tushar Suradkar