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How do I submit a feature request? I asked my provider, they wanted to submit it for me. I have about 50 of them,,,,where do I go?


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Where abouts "geographically" are you located?

Pretty sure...outside of the US, you're limited to going through your VAR to log an Enhancement Request [ER]....or 50. AS ther is some filtering to make sure your request is worded corectly and is not a duplicate, whereby it is tacked onto an existing one, then strengthening it's importance.

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So you should be able to [correct me if I'm wrong] contact GTAC directly for assistance here,...assuming you know [have access to] all the relevant license information for your site. 

Sean Cresswell
Design Manager Streetscape Limited
Solid Edge ST10 [MP0] Classic [x2 seats]
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Talk to your VAR (provider) regarding the Enhancement Requests first. They are the front lines for support and might actually be able to offer a solution to many of your issues. If the enhancement request survives this vetting, it will be filed by the VAR, and as Sean said, looked upon with more importance than if you simply filed yourself.

-Dylan Gondyke

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Let me state the question again.


Without contacting my var, how do I submit a feature request.


Really what I want to know is the formate that a feature request should be in. I have about 50 of them, and each one is very specific. I want to format, organize, and file all of my requests and submit at once. If not organized, my VAR will not correctly manage 50 requests.


Again, how do I submit a Feature request on MY OWN? I want to see the format they are looking for.

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Really depends on the Request as to what you need to provide, but the following is what I would consider:

  • Each IR is a separate Change Request, do not combine them together on one.
  • Make it clear that it is a Change Request and not a Problem.
  • Provide a good explanation of what you are trying to achieve if asking for a new capability.
  • If asking for tweaks to specific existing features, provide specifics as to the where (environment, mode, command) and the what (new option) and the how (what does it look like and how does it behave).  It is sometimes good to create a snapshot of a current UI element and get creative with Paintbrush to show someone what you want to change.

Start here:

You will need a full WebKey account to access this.


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Go to the GTAC Website,


Select Call Management, then Report an Issue.


Submit request.


I have never tested this, being overseas, but it seems like the right place. You will be given an IR number which will then be assesed to its type. Once GTAC are satisfied that it is an Enhancement Request, GTAC will then give you an ER number. Then you post that onto a group like this one along with your request. If your lucky, lots of members on this group will think your idea is good, an thus request that they be added to your ER. With the theory that the squeaky wheel gets the grease so to speak, the more people signed up to your request, the more likelyhood it has of making it to a release of Solid Edge.


IMLTHO You have the best chance of sucess if you are consise and to the point. Explain in as few words as possible why the way it works now does not work for you, and how you think it should work. Pictures demonstrating this would be useful, provided they add to your story, not just take up space on the GTAC hard drive. I would also suggest that you post your enhancements here  (unless there is an enhancements forum in this lot?) so that others may see your request, and either suggest things to enhance its chance of sucess, or perhaps even to say that they have requested a similar thing, here is the ER number.

Unlike getting a patent for an invention, there is no benefit if your good ideas are wasted, share them with the community and get action in numbers...



Shane Murray

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@12GAGE I  am sure there are many ways we could improve the software for you, but I also wouldn't want to waste your time by setting false expectations. With half a million users, a request from a single user is going to be hard to focus on. It turns out when maybe 30 or more customers request the same thing (really a pretty low bar, given 500K+ seats sold) it starts to get our attention. 


You can use this forum to see who else shares your interests/concerns and lobby for support of your most important items. Here is some advice I've given in the past:


Before submitting your ER…

§Post your idea for discussion in this forum.
§Refine the raw idea and build enthusiasm/support for it

In your ER submission…

§Make sure the workflow it fits into is clear
§Need the birds eye view, not just ground level
§Provide a justification
§Impact on production, productivity, $, etc.
§Provide mockup images when possible
§A picture is worth a thousand words

After submitting your ER…

§Post the ER number back here and
§Ask people to call and log an IR asking for ER XXXX to be implemented
§Increases the customer count and likelihood of implementation 
Dan Staples
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Dan has a great list to follow for submitting requests.  I can tell you first hand that Dan and the SE team listen to requests.  I've been asking for auto aligning coordinate dimensions for a while and ST7 will deliver.  In fact, they one upped my request by having the dimensions align while they're being placed.  Pictures, videos etc. will be really helpful in communicating what you want.  Sharing your ideas on the forum is great because it gets everyone thinking and made of aware of the request so they can jump on board.



Kyle Joiner