File Conversion with Solidedge 2D Drafting

Can "Solidedge 2D Drafting ST6" be used to save a 2D Autocad file to .dft that will be readable in Solidedge ST (


We have a contract which requires deliverables to be Solidedge ST Draft (DFT) format to be be viewed and plotted in Solidedge ST (




Re: File Conversion with Solidedge 2D Drafting

No,  Solid Edge cannot save Solid Edge filetypes back to an older version.  Once saved in ST6, it can only be opened by ST6 and future releases.  They are never backwards compatible.


Production: ST9 MP7
Testing: ST10

Re: File Conversion with Solidedge 2D Drafting

So the .dft files are not even backword compatible?  I don't need the model only the drawing.  Might there be an older Solid Edge 2D drafting version out there to be used for conversion?


Would there be ANY way to supply a .dft in the requested version Solid Edge ST?

Re: File Conversion with Solidedge 2D Drafting

Are you currrently on Solid Edge Maintenance? Or only using the free version of 2D Drafting?


If you are on maintenance, you can get access to older versions of Solid Edge via GTAC I believe. So you could save the files out of ST6 to DWG format and read them into ST and validate/fix them. Or just do them natively in ST for this one contract. 

Dan Staples
Director, Solid Edge Product Development

Re: File Conversion with Solidedge 2D Drafting

No, we are not on maintenance.  We are Solidworks users trying to figure out how to supply the required .dft file for drawings.  I was hoping to find a file conversion method that would work, and I thought I had (.slddrw->.dwg->.dft). except the version required is ST.  For the model we can supply a .stp file and that will be acceptable.


We considered leasing Solid Edge, but it is not ideal since none of us are users.  If we lease can we get an old version?