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I'm finding it difficult to set up some hotkeys to work just like every other program I use:


MS word, Excel, Office, and Acrobat all use the following hotkeys. I thought this was a requirement for being a Microsoft windows program but apprantly things are changing.


In specific, the hotkeys to open, close, save, and save as. Operations that are very frequent.



Alt-F+A=save as




I have been using those hotkeys for those commands for about 100,000 hours of computer use until solid edge because every program I used had that convention built in. Rather than retrain my brain I have gone back to using the mouse for this. Much slower.


I'm finding it impossible to set that up in Solid edge because the file menu is now called the application menu and I can't find the application menu as something I can assign a hot key too. If I could re-assign the application menu to Alt F instead of Alt A, that would get me most of the way there.


I hope there is a way to get this done and I just cant find it. This is the first Hotkeys I want to customize.


Re: File Hotkeys


there is no problem to define Your own key shortcuts.


By default the open command uses CTrl+O, the Save is Ctrl+S and a new file will be created with Ctrl-N


But there is no reason do not change this commands to any shortcut You like.






Re: File Hotkeys

The Application menu is not an available option to assign hot keys, and I can’t figure out how to make a series of two keys the hot key to map it directly.

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My favourite is Ctrl+W for closing a file and I have shared the steps to setup the shortcut in this quick tip with a video:




Re: File Hotkeys

I'm also wondering about a typical save as command. I'm in an assembly, and want to rename the file that is already associated with an draft file. I can't fine the generic "save as" the keep the file associated with other things but renames the file. Guess I have to use revision manager for this function.