File Properties will not change

I am having an issue with a few files in our database. We are using ST5 with Insight. I have our system set up so that there are dropdown menus for Category, Project Name, Keywords, etc.

I started off using "Edit in Datasheet" to change properties in bulk. Most of the files updated but I have about a dozen that no matter how you try to change the properties, whether it be in datasheet or opening the .par and selecting file properties or even edit properties within Insight, they keep reverting back to the original values. I can change the "ALL" to anything else in the dropdown and as soon as I click ok it reverts back. I have full admin access rights and the files are available and not checked out to anyone esle. I've tried everything I can think of short of re-creating the files. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


Re: File Properties will not change

Sound like a Problem with the Insight Parser.


The Parser is responsibel for the sync of the Solid Edge Fileproperties and the Sharepoint values.


Turn off the parser and try again and see what happens!



Re: File Properties will not change

My thoughts would be that if this is failing right in the Edit Properties form in the web page then it is probably a SharePoint problem.

You might find something in the sharepoint logs on the server.

SharePoint has had bugs and there have been updates.

I would start with updating SharePoint to a level that is supported by whatever version of Insight you are running.


Re: File Properties will not change

@JGUN Could you fix the problem?



Re: File Properties will not change

I don't have access to our server so I turned it over to our IT department and it's not a real high priority job right now so they'll probably wait until it becomes high priority. I'll let you know if it works when they get around to it.

Re: File Properties will not change

We had, and probably still have, the same problem. Got GTAC involved, they turned off the parser and properties populate now. 

They want us to run some diagnostics because they can't duplicate the problem but we are too busy with projects right now to do it.

If the parser gets turned back on with a service pack or upgrade we'll be in the same boat.

Have you contacted GTAC?

Bruce Shand
ST9 MP8 - Insight - Win10 - K4200

Re: File Properties will not change

Good to know.

We have contacted them yet. Too many other more important things going on.

We also may be upgrading before too long and might just deal with it then.