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I would like to re-organize  1000's of files file. Using the Revision manager is very slow. Most of my files are assembly driven parts. I just started using this probram 4 months ago and I appear to be entrenched into file locations.


My main issues is re-naming directories. Right now I have to create the new locations, use revision manager to move files, then go back and delete what was cleared out.


What I would like to be able to do is just rename the folders. Revision manager manages files, not folders.


Any tricks or thoughs?


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Revision Manager will create folders and move files for you as opposed to you creating new folders and then copying the files and having to go back and delete them. Instead of using the copy function, just choose rename. When doing the rename, leave the filename the same and just rename the folder. Rev. manager will ask you if you want to create the new folders that don't exist and it will move (copy+delete) the files to the new location.


You will then have to go back and delete the old folders. I actually find this as a good check, because after doing this if the old folder is not empty, then you did not get everything moved or have something that is not included or linked properly.




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Re: File management

Not sure if this is what you are after, but there a linkMgmt.txt file that controls where solid edge is looking to resolve links.  I use it for relinking large assemblies contained in many folders where manual selection in rev manager is too tedious.  But use this wisely as it is can mess you up too.


Default linkmgmt.txt file in \program files\solid edgeSTX\preferences will look like this:




begin search path

end search path


This order defines where solid edge will look to resolve links, in the order listed.


here is what I do

1.  Copy the files and folders where you want to put them, renaming the folders to whatever you want - you cannot rename the files though.  (links will be all messed up)

2.  delete the first 3 lines of the linkmgmt.txt file and fill in only the folders where you want SE to look to find the files (search paths).  This will make it not even look in the old locations, only is the search paths you have listed.

3. Open the assembly(s) you want to fix the links in.  (It can take a long time since it is physically searching folders for the files)

4.  Save the assembly(s).  That sets the new links in the files.

5.  Put the linkmgmt.txt back the way you found it.  (I use a batch file to move to txt files back and forth).


Not sure if this accomplishes what you want, but try it on something simple to make sure you understand how it works as this can really mess things up if not careful.  If you have a lot of assemblies to move then use this tool in combination with the open-save tool. - keeps it all automatic.




File management

Thank User 1,


This leads to another questions. Where are the settings that the linkMgmt is controlling?

Where do you set the container, serach paths, etc...


When I go look at options/File locations. Link management is not a refered too file and non of it's settings are labels within File locations.

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That file controls the SE program directly (dont believe you have any option to point it to a new location from the options interface)

This is how the file works.  It starts on top and looks in each location for the linked file until it finds it:


Container is the folder the files are in.  Rather than look at links it just looks directly in the folder the file is in.

Relative means that it looks in subfolders with the same name/file structure.

Absolute means it takes the full UNC path and looks there.


You can add UNC locations between begin/end search paths you want it to look in.


So when you open an assy if you want it to only look in a certain folders to resolve links, delete the container\relative\absolute values and add in all UNC search paths required in lines between begin/end.


Not sure if this is documented better in the help file? 


Re: File management

What I'm really after is an easy way to rename and move directories that contain many linked files.


Manually managing over 1000 files with revision manager is my only alternative. In reality, it would take about 100 starts of revision manager on each draft file assuming I created all the final directories first. I would have to preplan out every move.