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File size difference with multiple save commands


Noticed an interesting thing when archiving some drawings this afternoon.

The file size changes with multiple Save commands.

I often submit ECN's with multiple draft tabs in one draft file, then when ECN is finalized, I split the multiple tab draft into individual draft files. Today I noticed that when I do this and have the single tab draft file and save it, the file size did not decrease much at all. Then when I saved it again, with no other actions to the draft file, the size decreased drastically. As an experiment, I displayed the background sheet tabs then hide them,  I don't delete the background sheets when archiving, and the file then increased in size on next save. The next save with no other action then decreased file size again.

Is this a 'Purge' command per say, or something else going on?

I attached a file I made in Word with screen captures of 5 saves in same file, other than 1st one which had all active tabs in it.

File size varied from 1.592 gig with 9 tabs down to 0.107 gig with 1 tab.


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