Files crashing

Have other encountered a frequent crashing when editing a sheet metal part's gage?

If you have, what have you done to solve it.


I go for days without crashing, then all of a sudden, editing sheet metal gages will crate a crash. Then reboot, and go right to editing a gage...crash again. Sometimes 2 rounds does it, other times it takes 5 times before it will take a new gage without crashing.


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Can't say I have ever used the "Gage Table", as it isn't configured for Metric sheets.....don't particularly feel like kludging my way through it either......and by the sound of it, there is an issue with it's connection to SE here.

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I've never crashed when editing the gage, not that I remember. Sometimes when editing the flat afterwards, but never just when changing the gage.

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We have never encounterd this, we use the gage a lot.


We do have a lot of crashing changing the material through pathfinder material.

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How do you change gage not using the pathfinder tree?


Attached is a screen shot of how I change gage that makes me crash frequently. What other method is there


This is a critical step is the draft/model for me becuase the gage assignment is used to display tha gage in the drafting parts list. Editng the gage of every part is required about 25% the time.

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We use the old fasion way, the shortcut changing material makes our solid edge crash 50% of the time. At some point you don't dare to use it anymore, because you also lose your work thats open.

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@Sander-GPI @12GAGE 


I know this sounds a silly comment, but it's not normal that you are crashing when accessing the material table and gauges. We use the simple gauge functionality within the material table (as opposed to the gauge excel sheets) for the majority of our parts with no issues. And that's with 50+ designers accessing the same physical file on a network share.


I'd recommend contacting your reseller for help, but in the meantime, I believe the material table is a SE part file in disguise. You could try renaming the file with .par extension, opening in SE and seeing if that crashes? Or even if your file hasn't changed in years it's probably an ST1-8 file so opening and saving to ST9 format might re-jig it?


Just an idea, but save a backup incase you mess it up!

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Been there done that.


The material.mtl has been updated to ST8 (We still work on ST8), it's hard to find what causes it as it's not a 100% crash.


We have our own program controlling Solid Edge, it could be somewhere down the line we make SE corrupt. Wierd thing is the old fasion way never crashes for us.


Going to test it in ST10 once again, as there were some fixes for us in ST9 but we skip that and move to ST10 instead once tested.