Files generated by the Solid Edge

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could you please to tell me what types of files are been generating by Solid Edge during creating the parts and assemblies.


I am facing the problems with the links and have missing links in my assemblies. ( not every file is missing ).


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Re: Files generated by the Solid Edge

Solid Edge generates files with the following extensions:

  • PAR - Parts
  • PSM - Sheet Metal
  • ASM - Assembly
    • CFG - Assembly configurations (does not affect links if missing)
  • DFT - Draft


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Re: Files generated by the Solid Edge

Hi there @ArekK,


If you are getting missing links in your assembly, this is more likely that the files that were there, are now been either relocated or renamed within your filing system.

There are a few tools within Solid Edge to help repair this....suggest reading the help file on the "Missing Links" & "Replace Part" topics, for more.

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