Fill-in Author field when exporting to STEP


Reading a recent post by AlanBaljeu about STEP files, I was reminded of a nagging question I've had regarding exporting STEP files.  I would like to know if there's some kind of special formatting that can be used in the STEP.ini file, so Solid Edge will automatically fill-in the Author information based on the username?  I've experiemented on my own with various combinations of %username% or %Author%, but no success.  Has anyone else been able to find a solution to this?  Kinda hard to believe that it's not possible.



Betreff: Fill-in Author field when exporting to STEP

Hi @RBliss





just tested and seen that any information about exporting a step is stored in the STEP.ini

Due to the fact, this is a pure text file from where theentries will be read in again, the only way to handle this IMHO wil be via an API solution, changing the corresponding entries just before use them.

Here You can - by automatism - change the autor field to the current user name, the time and date, the software and maybe the title info and description with info from the open document.


I don't think, that any placeholder here will take care


Betreff: Fill-in Author field when exporting to STEP





this issue again shows the need for a common information center for settings, options, rules, etc.

This have to be first a centralized default setting center and then a customizable user specific setting center.


It is hard to organize and to use, if some settings/options are stored in the registry, others in the %appdata% area and again others are saved in common INI files in the program folder.


I think this is one of the most improtant enhancement request to define all the SE options and setting in one single place and interface.

And there also must be an option to prevent any user specific infos for an easy role out possibility to any user within a specific group of the company.