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Finally - Basic concept now known

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One of the reasons why I was becoming so frustrated initially is the basic mode of operation is DIFFERENT.

It's the equlivelent of pick up the hammer first and then the nail rather than pick up the nail and hit with the hammer.

With Excel, you would select a cell and then select the operation. With SE, you select the operation and then the operands.

You pick add, then number 1 and then number 2.

Reverse Polish I'm familiar with, Algebraic I'm familiar with.

This is more like like LISP:

A programming class that I did not do well in.

That's the fundamental piece that I've been spending a few weeks to grasp.

The objects may be too restrictive. i.e. More like the Pascal programming language and not say C++. or LabView where the operation is polymorphic.

A+b is defined for Boolean, Text, integers etc.

Here, the operation colinear is only defined for lines. It's perfectly valid for groups, text, lines, circles when you add modifiers.

This is a BIG breakthrough!