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First Person View of 3d Models

Hi All,


We have modeled tower structures complete with internal cadladders, handrails, etc.


This coming Tuesday I must present these models to our Client but they would like a "first person" experience of the model. i.e. literally walking through the tower, looking around, flying up and down cat ladders etc. 


My question is, does anyone know of a free viewer that will allow "first person" exploration of a Solid Edge model? The free Solid Edge viewer's "viewing/rotating" capabilities are clumsy at best.


Any advice would be highly appreciated.




Re: First Person View of 3d Models

Using a 3Dconnexion device with perspective turned on works fairly well in Solid Edge (perspective is needed to fly through the center of the viewing area, otherwise it just flips).  Not sure of any other solutions.


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Re: First Person View of 3d Models

Does Keyshot have these capabilities?

Re: First Person View of 3d Models

Keyshot has "Enter First Person Mode" in the camera-ribbon.


keyshot FPS.JPG


In First person mode, you can move the camera with holding down left and right mouse button or using arrow keys. And by switching lighting mode to Performance mode, the scene should render fast enough to show "animations" in real-time by just moving the camera.

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What I suggest is free but not a "classical" first person mode. Save your model as 3D pdf and use "Fly" command.


Here is a sort video:



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Re: First Person View of 3d Models

Excellent, many thanks to all of you for supplying great ideas.


We've opted to export as a DWG, stitch in Inventor and then Export as Navisworks file. 


We've found that Navis works has the best first person exploration tools (keyshot comes close).


Many thanks again.