Flat View / cut length of Swept Protrusion

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Hey guys,


I've always wandered how to produce a flat view / cut length of a swept protrusion. Is this possible? I know how to work it out but would be great if there was an automated option for drawing views.


See image of a basic part and I need to provide workshop a cut length. This will be made out of Mild Steel bar.






Re: Flat View / cut length of Swept Protrusion

Sorry all, I've found another thread about the same topic..


Still not actual solution..



Re: Flat View / cut length of Swept Protrusion

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Hi @Mark-Bowen,


Could you not just use "Frame" for this part?......cut length is automatic there.





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Re: Flat View / cut length of Swept Protrusion

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What I do is, lets say that it's being made from Ø3/8" round bar, What I do is make a sheet metal part, I have the thickness set at .375" and I make a contour flange of the profile, extrude it both directions to .375". Now it's as if it is made from .375x.375 square bar. Then I switch over to the part environment, and I add a round to each of the 4 edges. I make the round slightly smaller than the radius I want the part to be, so half of 3/8" is .1875 so I go with like .1870. This leaves a very small but still there flat sheet metal surface, which I use to flatten the part. In the drawing it looks like round bar in the formed views even the iso view, and the flat pattern gives a proper cut length and can have the needed bend information. And it stays linked as well.Capture round.JPG


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Betreff: Flat View / cut length of Swept Protrusion

Hi @Mark-Bowen





as already mentioned by @SeanCresswell I would recommend to use "Structure Frame" in ASM

It IMHO is easier to use, You can have predefined cross sections and the result in draft offers You the cut length automatically.



Betreff: Flat View / cut length of Swept Protrusion

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Excellent, thanks very much for your responses. Really appreciate it.


I've never used the frame section in SE before, just gave that a try, added Cut Length to my parts list and it works perfectly.


I've done the convert to part suggestion (adding rounds) before and that works too. I ended up using this as we usually add a flat part view to drawings to show bend locations.


Would be great to have this option in the swept protrusion feature.. Luckily there's always another way around it.