Flat pattern holes

I have a threaded hole on a sheetmetal part (ST7) for which I've set the hole geometry to be 'tap drill diameter' in the hole dialog.  However on the flat pattern draft view the hole has the thread anotated as a partial circle which will confuse the laser profiler - does anyone know a way of just showing the hole geometry on the flat pattern view?



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I suggest looking at Save as Flat DXF Options tab where you can set Complex holes exporting up. I think you should be disabling save to DXF.





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That partial circle with only one gap is an ISO drafting standard thing whereas ANSI makes it a multi-dashed, hidden type of circle.

You could use "nominal diameter" instead of "tap drill diameter" if you don't want two circles showing.

Edit: I don't know how relevant this is to your issue or if it affects dxf output.

Bruce Shand
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The flat pattern should model the required pilot hole before the downstream operation of tapping a hole. Unless the same machine that cuts the part taps the hole. Then I'm not sure what the right thing is.


Isolating this kind of a step is one of my requests on a sheet metal thread.