Flatten JIS material

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I need to flatten exactly SPCC material (SPCC _ S JIS G 3141) but i can not find this material in Solid Edge material database.

Please advice for me how to use this material.

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Re: Flatten JIS material

looks like std 1008 CDS to me?   you can download the properties from MAtweb and load them into your material table directly


Re: Flatten JIS material

alternatively, look up the properties on the Matweb site Matt suggested and enter the properties yourself.


Go to the applications button->Properties->Material Table

Find the Steel folder and right mouse click on it, then select New material.  Fill in the values.  


I posted this because my browser doesn't accept cookies from Matweb so I found this way can work as I don't have to do this too often.




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Re: Flatten JIS material

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Thank you very much for your help!


I have been created new material with properties on the MatWeb.

As advice i choose AISI 1008 Steel for SPCC-JIS G3141

Please help me to review, It's correct?


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