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Floating License Management with Classic+Premium


My company had 8 Classic floating licenses and we recently acquired +1 Premium floating license for SolidEdge ST8.

We have about 8 users on SolidEdge and most of them will need to use the Premium license ocasionally, mainly for Simulation module.


Right now, the license server is configured to give out the premium license to the first user asking for a license, but I don't think this is the best way to manage this.

What are the best ways of managing the licenses so people can use the premium license when they need it?


Re: Floating License Management with Classic+Premium

1st come 1st served is the default and most common method.  If all (most) users will need access to Prem then you don't have too many options.   There is a way to reserve licenses for certain user(s) but that is best when you have 1 or 2 users out of 8...  then you can reserve the Premium for only 1 of those 2 users..  but even between those 2 it will be 1st come 1st served.


reckon you could create a "premium user" log in and reserve the licence to this "user" only..  and then have users log off and log in as this specific "user" to access the Prem license...


not rerally a good answer here...  idealy.. and often requested... is that the license would only be used when a user is in the module that rerquires the license...  and once backed out of the module (SImulation) the license would free up.


 Info about license reserving from AllyPLM:


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Betreff: Floating License Management with Classic+Premium

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Hi @jpcsantos




this is - IMHO - a very easy task to do.


You will find a file "selmd.opt" in the flexLM program directory.

This is a text file, where You can define who, or what system will get which license.


To handle this, theer are several options available.


You can define a group of users, to which You give a caertain number of licenses.

This is to handle several departments to have certain license per department without using those of another group.


You can do the same using Your workstaion names.

Since a FE PC will have more power than a standard CAD PC YOu will give the simulation licenses to such a PC rather the a smaller one.


And so on.


To find the possibilities and options and - this is the ost important - the right syntax the easiest is to look into the "flexlm end user guide".


I just did google for this and found a PDF with version 11.6.1 at



Here in chapter 13 the options are explained.


So first define Your Groups of users and then reserve desired licenses for them







Betreff: Floating License Management with Classic+Premium

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to change the options or to use them first, there is no need to stop and start the flex server.

You simply can reread the license file whicht also will read the options then!




Re: Floating License Management with Classic+Premium

The easyest way that come in my mind is to remove or add the "Premium" license line in the local machine SELicense.dat.

In this way the Premium license would be used only when you need it.

To easyly manage this I would create 2 bath file that would copy the proper license in the local machine.

My 0.02 cent

Re: Floating License Management with Classic+Premium

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I would say the better model would to have just bought a floating Simulation license rather than Premium.  That way it only gets used when someone starts Simulation.  There are still issues with how SE implemented turning it on/off with a floating Simulation license but at least it's controllable by the users.


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Re: Floating License Management with Classic+Premium

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The batch file is the way to go as Fiorini says. In the local machine, take 2 copies of the license file and edit both. Call one premium.dat and edit out all of the classic licences. Call the other one Classic.dat and edit out the premium licence. 

Have 2 batch files. One called classic.bat and the other premium.bat. In each it will copy the relevant licence file to SElicense.dat and then run solid edge.