Foreshortened Linear Dimension Symbol

Is there any way to create the following foreshortened zigzag symbol for linear dimensions?


foreshortened dimension.jpg



David McMahon
Solid Edge ST9, MP8
HP Z2 Mini, Windows 10

Betreff: Foreshortened Linear Dimension Symbol

Hi @David_McMahon




I do not knwo about any method to get something like that.

And I also don't know any drawing standard defining it as shown.


But as we only use DIN DIN ISO in mm, maybe this could be different for ANSI/ASME



Betreff: Foreshortened Linear Dimension Symbol

I see no mention of a foreshortened linear dimension in the ANSI/ASME standards either.  The only foreshortened dimension type I can find in the standard is related to foreshortened radius dimensions.

Re: Foreshortened Linear Dimension Symbol



I know only one way to use zig-zag. Solid Edge provides "zig-zag" sign when you use a not to scale dimension. But you have to pay attention for getting correct dimension after part editing...


Here is a video: