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Format Cahnges

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Has there been a change in the 2d format in the last day? I can't open recent documents, or save any changes. The pages tool bar is different now compared to yesterday. When I am creating a new drawing, it looks the same as it used to be. But any old drawings I can't open from the Solid Works opening page, I need to open them from the file I saved them into, and sometimes they won't open. Has anyone else had this problem? I wish I could post a page shot to show what I mean...

Re: Format Cahnges

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I am confused about what you are seeing.
You are running Sokid Edge 2D Drafting, correct?
I ask because you mention opening from the 'Solid Works' page.
Solid Edge drawings and Solid Works drawings are NOT directly compatible.
Did you update the Solid Edge 2D Drafting software to V102 recently.
Of so, did you uninstall the old version before installing the most recent
There is a problem with the installer where it will allow you to install the
new version on top of the old version.
It should not let you do this.
Go to Add/Remove Programs and see of there is two versions of Solid Edge 2D
Drafting listed.
Rick B.

Re: Format Changes

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Yes. There are 2 Solid Edge progams. Solid Edge 2D Drafting ST and Solid Edge 2D Drafting ST2. I renewed my licence a couple months ago. But it was just yesterday that I began to have problems. Do I need to delete one of the programs?

Re: Format Cahnges

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When you updated, you most likely updated the software, not just the
Did you save the download local and then run it or did you run it directly
from the web page?
You need to uninstall both versions starting with ST2.
Use Add/remove programs to do this.
Once you have both uninstalled, reinstall ST2.
See if it runs OK now.
There may be an additional step that we need to do after you get ST2
Rick B.