Format Property Text - Integer function?

I am importing a property from a PDM/PLM system which happens to be the Revision.Version (Ex. "4.8").  I want to display the Revision as Property Text on my title block as "4".  I can eliminate the decimal from the Property using the "/@0" format code, but it then rounds "4" to "5" which is not what I want.  Has anyone found a way to basically get the Integer of a decimal number in Propert Text?


Using Variable Table is not an option as this value has to come in as a Solid Edge file property.


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Re: Format Property Text - Integer function?

Hi Ken,


Could that not be another character, so it is not read as an integer? I guess, in your case, your looking to "supress" it.

Seems this question is too curly for mere mortals, if you're stumped.....maybe those other matrix-reading peeps @jnewell@Tushar and @Imics have something in their bag of tricks to help.


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Re: Format Property Text - Integer function?



I don't know such format code to property text... Smiley Sad


In this case I do a "new custom property" from "old" and use Search and Replace function. I know this is "manually job", but I know better...