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Formulas in drafts




I was wondering whether or not you can use formulas in 2D drafts, like in Excel.

For example, I have a set of variables that are derived from the linked 3D model, as follows;

{Format|R1} = HUP
{Height|R1} = 80,00 mm
{Width|R1} = 40,00 mm
{Diameter|R1} = -
{Inner diameter|R1}-
{Inner eye|R1}-
{Length|R1} = 1201,00 mm
{Material Thickness|R1} = 4,00 mm


Now, I would like to contract all of these into a single variable called "dimension" or similar.

I know you can just make a syntax with all the different variables, e.g.


%{Format|R1} %{Height/NU/@1/CP|R1}x%{Width/NU/@1/CP|R1}x%{Diameter/NU/@1/CP|R1}x%{Inner diameter/NU/@1/CP|R1}x%{Inner eye/NU/@1/CP|R1}x%{Material Thickness/NU/@1/CP|R1}, L=%{Length/NU/@1/CP|R1}

Which would then end up looking like this "HUP 80 x40 x-x-x-x4 , L=1201".


Basically, I want it to say "HUP 80x40x4, L=1201" for HUPs, "Washer ø50-13x2" for washers, "1000x500, Pl. 2" for plates, etc.


How would I go about this? Is it at all doable? Where would I insert a formula like the one below? (only of course much, much longer)


=if(%{Format|R1}<>"-";%{Format|R1}&&" "&&if(%{Height}<>"-";%{Height/NU/@1/CP|R1}x;"");"-") ... etc etc

The reason I'm asking is because we are looking into using a common draft template for all parts and assemblies, making use of only the properties already existing in the 3D model.


Best regards

Halvard Aagaard

Project Engineer

Orkel AS




Re: Formulas in drafts




Hier is an example, how to use formulas in SEST5. The 3D Modell is shown with it's 3 dimention parameters. There Parameters could be renamed like: A, B & C. It's imoprtant to check the box of the parameter Full_Length, to be able to have access to it. I hope, it helps you.



Re: Formulas in drafts

Honored Contributor
Honored Contributor

Yes you can, however watch out and be sure you can use the data as you like.


The variable are easily displayed through annotation. If Annotation is a good way for you to use the data. Then your ok.


In general, open up variables. Variables from parts of an assembly can be liked in. Dimensions and plane positions can be named into variables. New variable can be created and math can be used from any other variable to create new numbers like a spread sheet.


There is NO way to get the annotation into property text (what you would need for smart part numbers). And there is no way to display annotation into a table on a cell by cell basis. It can be used on a per column bases for the BOM but that's the only table I have found annotation useful.


I end up using annotation to create a "table like" blocks of text. Also, there is no formatting available in annotation (like underlines, bold etc)


So in general, if you only need the information to be displayed on the draft display...your ok. If you need it downstream for anything, it does not work.

Re: Formulas in drafts

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

Hi Halvard,

what You are looking for is already realized with my macro "Hauptmaße",
which is the German equivilent to "Main Dimensions"


You can define nearly everthing in the INIs,
that is how many different variables would You like to use in which order and in whcih precision,
what are the delimiteres (which also could be e.g. L=xxxx mm) and so on.

Also wether or not You want to save after building the main prop.


I used that macro for a couple of years exactly for the same reason You are looking for.

To have descriptive text in the title block of the drawing.


Have a look, and if there are any questions (especially to due the missing translation) dont hesitate to ask.