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Hi Edge Users..


The frame was constructed from the assembly. (Use the frame function)
The drilled holes.
And want to edit by selecting the hole.
Selection is only Pathfinder.
Is no other way?


Hole SelectHole Select


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Only it is. I suggest asking an ER!




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While it is possible to request, it will not be quickly improved.
Thanks for your answer.

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When I do frame design, if I only have a few holes, I use assembly features. If things get any more complex, then I change from frames to just creating the beam(shape) using parts and assemble like normal.


I have quite a few frame designs that are a mixture of frame members and parts so that it was easier to manage and details the parts.


Before ST7 it was not easy to isolate a single frame member for detailing in draft. I tend to use the above methods less since it's now easy to display and details a singel frame member with assembly features.

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I'll comment and say Siemens PLM implements enhancements and correct issues/bugs faster than the other CAD OEMs. Much faster. Since you are on this board you also get direct contact with product managers and developers.
If you have something you want improved put together a workflow current and future and include some case examples and you might be surprised. You should do all this even before contacting GTAC to put in a request. You'll need the same information there.