Frame - Draft - Parts list?


It is any way how to recognize a diferent piece in the draft of a frame? I have frame with 4 pieces with equal lenghth but with difernt holes in it. In the draft I make partslist but it doesnt recognize 4 diferent pieces. In the options there is a set for the weight recognizion but it doesnt work for holes - and if i have 2 holes with difernet location (diferent pieces) it is useles too. 

you have any idea how to use frame modul with 'wise' draft? 


Betreff: Frame - Draft - Parts list?

Hi @Zorro323




as a quik solution I only think about saving the frame members to associative parts from ASM


You can Save selected as ...  from ASM and get an linked part file You can use for dedicated draft selection.




Betreff: Frame - Draft - Parts list?

This is exatly the solution I dont want to do because it takes a lot of time. I dont believe SE is so 'stupid' and cant recognize difernet frame pieces. Frame modul has a lot of potential in my work but the way it works in SE is not good.

Betreff: Frame - Draft - Parts list?

Agree, in a past I had the same problem and then i wos maked copyparts in assemblie....

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Mayby not the best way but give it a try.


Go to your parts list.

RMB > Properties.


There you see "Frame and Piping Uniqueness" (Right top corner) then deselect Cut length.


Because if the 4 parts all have a different ammount of holes the mass is differnt so you get different posnumbers.


Goodluck let me know if it worked for you Man Happy.




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I tried this befor  not in the partlist option but in the general option of solid edge - not working. 
Now I tried your idea and it works BUT it is stil the one problem. I have the same amount of holes but with diferent position Smiley Happy mass is equal but it is diferent piece...

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Your bad luck Man Embarassed


Problem is that frames doesn't have any hole options of itself in the frame environment.


Mayby you could make a reqeust for adding this, and then also ofcource a option in the part list for when holes have differnt positions. If you make a reqeust and post the support number i'm happely to back you up and will make a reqeust to my support.

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The holes are assembly features.

If you want seperate part details with holes the only way that I know of is to create the parts individually, then assemble them.

If there aren't too many, the only other option is to create seperate view configurations for each piece of the frame. If you uncheck all the options for 'uniqueness' you should get each piece as an item in the parts list.


You could also just detail where the holes are on the frame assembly, then you can base item uniqueness on length etc. That's how I would do it, as personally I don't care where the holes are on the part detail - I just want them in the right place when its assembled and welded together. I also don't want to tell the manufacturer how to make it - holes before or after welding - what allowances, joint gaps does he use for welding etc.

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HI @Zorro323




maybe this has to do with the way You normally create those parts at the workshop.


I assume that You first weld the frame components together and then afterwards You drill the holes into them.

So at the stage of welding and preparing the fame components the are equal to each other and differ only after the finishing work.



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Hi @Zorro323




I just tried to rebuild Your request and was really astonished to see that Solid Edge uses two different position number for those two frame elements which are exactly the same but with only different hole positions in it.


See picture and look onto pos 2  and 3





I have activated all the differentiaters