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Re: Frame - Draft - Parts list?


@hawcad - for us, in this case, the individual component isn't important as we don't manufacture anything. We are only interested in the final product so holes would be shown after assembly. How the manufacturer achieves that is his business.

Sometimes we have to detail parts of a welded assembly, complete with holes - just depends on complexity really.

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Re: Frame - Draft - Parts list?

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Gears Esteemed Contributor

Hi @beachcomber




as I mentioned it before, Solid Edge ST9 shows the result You were looking for.


I also thought, that different postions of the same nummber of holes will not be analyst, but somehow SE does it.




Re: Frame - Draft - Parts list?

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If you don't want to make a part file for each, then you have to draft each frame member like it's part of an assembly w/ everything else turned off.


This is the big drawback to assembly features.


Related FYI. I haveonly needed to create a single custom variable for parts lists. I call it "SHAPE"

so for a common angle I have

File = L-2X2X0.25-CS

Shape = ANGLE 2x2x1/4 CS


I have either Shape or Gage show up as the material. My sheets and shapes all specify material either ginerically or specifically. (CS, SS, AL for carbon, stainless, aluminum)

Re: Frame - Draft - Parts list?


Thanks. It works for me too. Befor I tried this in general options - doesnt work. Then I tried this in partlist options - it works but didnt recognize pieces with equal amounth of holes with diferent positions. Now i delete everthing a make new holes and it works - I dont understand what I did difernt but it works.