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Frame Environment Issue

Hi guys,


I've been working with frame environment for the past few days. There are several thing that is unclear for me while working with frame environment, which are;


1. Why can't we use synchronous part in frame environment?

2. How can I use family of parts inside frame environment. 

3. How to place predefined dimension part in frame environment so that i can know how much quantity of that part I use in designing the frame. 


Perhaps someone can clarify me on this thing. Thanks in advance!

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‎11-18-2016 04:10 AM

Re: Frame Environment Issue

Hi Syamim,


1. you can use synchronous part in frame environment, if synchron part is not have solid body only skech or second you draw a body in sysc and make a skech in order you can use sync par in frame environment.



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Re: Frame Environment Issue

Hi Tibor,


Thank you so much for your clarification. Much appreciated