Frame Issues

I have been working with the framing environment for a couple days now, and I have some questions: 


1. Coping. When I have a joint "coped", what SE produces is very intricate and is not producable(or at least with our machines and the way we build things here). Is there a way to edit how SE generates coped joints? Or is it always just going to delete any intersecting bodies/faces? 


2. BOMs for a frame assembly. What is the preferred work flow for creating a frame design and naming each "part" with a part number? I haven't found a good way to name the frame componenets as real part numbers and get them to show properly in a BOM. I have tried the "Save as" for all the frame componenets, but with no real luck.   

Frame BOM ex1 is what I get when I create a BOM off of the original frame componenets. 

Frame BOM ex2 is what I get after renaming and "Save as'ing" all the parts in the frame assembly, issue here is I can't have two of the same part. 


Re: Frame Issues

Anyone have any suggestions?

Re: Frame Issues

You just explained in the same very two reasons why I don't use frames (along with a plethora of others although ST7 enhances it enough I'm going to try again).

I end up creating structural steel and aluminum templates so I can easily create new parts and only change the length dimension. I assemble the parts myself and use boolean features to miter, cope, and cut the ends.

--Scott Wertel, P.E.

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Can't answer the coping questions.


The frame environment from a BOM side is such that you only specify the material and the cut length and conditions and no actual unique part number is assigned.  If a part needs documented due to cuts/holes/other, it can be saved out using the Save Selected Model command which will keep them associative to the frame member in the assy..


Production: ST9 MP7
Testing: ST10

Re: Frame Issues

Thanks for the responses. I really wanted to make sure that I was not missing something big in the frame environment. I am also waiting on my copy of ST7 to try out. 

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I agree Grundey, that is the procedure for frame parts with cuts. 


With ST7, you can actually use items number to lable frame details. No need for names.

The item number are not available in annotation. I just add a non-arrow call out circle and use that to lable the detail.