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Frame Sequence Position Change in the path Finder


Hello All,

I am creating tube runs using Frame function and i would like to change the sequence of frame components as per my need which helps manufacturing/assembly. But Frame is not allowing me to change the sequences.


If you refer the attachment, there are three frame (Frame 11,10,13) and i want to move the frame 13 to be ahead of Frame 11.

Please help how can i do this.


Re: Frame Sequence Position Change in the path Finder

Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Hi there,


AFAIK, frame cannot be reordered like you would expect an "Ordered Mode" feature tree would do. We find that this is usually just as fast, if not more so, than conditional editing.

Without inspecting the model issue, you will most likely need to delete the incorrect elements and recreate them in the order you need, to get the desired outcome.

Sean Cresswell
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