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Frame construction - moving profile problem


Hello everybody


Today I started to work with frame construction tool.

I designed rectangular frame using some standard profile. 

Middle of section of profile in default setting is placed on the sketch line.

In some situation I want that size of sketch should be outside dimenssion of frame construction.

So, to do this I'am using "edit section" and I'am moving profiles.

But sometimes happen that I've to change profile standard. For example ( I've rectangular profile 40x40x2mm and I want to change it to 50x50x4).

I'am changing this using tool "choose new component frame". Profile has changed.

But unfortunately position of profile section also changed to default settings ( middle of section to sketch line).

Anybody know how to avoid moving profile section to default settings?

I attached video showing my problem

(view in My Videos)


Re: Frame construction - moving profile problem


One of several bugs in frames since changes were made in ST7.

You will also find if you change the dimensions of the cross-section profile you will probably have to redefine the position again.

It doesn't actually remember the keypoint, just the position of the cross-section origin (0,0,0 ?) relative to the path. So, a 40x40 square centred on 0,0,0 in the cross section sketch but located on one corner in the frame, will be 5mm out of position if you change the section to 50x50.

Another bug I've found that I'm sure wasn't in ST6 frames is when you have to send the section around sloping faces. It doesn't always follow the face correctly.

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Re: Frame construction - moving profile problem

Honored Contributor
Honored Contributor

Please file an incident report with GTAC. This is the only way to really get things fixed. The most efficient moethod of getting this done is create a zip file containing movies, files, and text that fully define the probem and upload them directly to GTAC with the files.


I already have too many going that are more important to me than this.