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ther is a way how to get the single frame parts out off the assembley in one step? I want creat drawings off all frame parts. Only way i know is 'save as' and then open the part and then  creat drawing. If i have 1000 frame parts not good solution for me.


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Just place a view of the whole frame in your draft and then in the disply tab of the properies box unselect "show" for all items except for the frame member you want.

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but this solution is not very comfortable because i dont see wich frame part it is. etc frame_4 i dont where it is. it is not the part number 4 from the partslist. I miss something like export buton for the frame parts  i want to export...

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I have attached a macro that someone made available a few years ago.


It isolates the members of the frame and puts them in a new assy, but keeps the links.


Many thanks to writer of this macro.


I have put this macro in our dropbox, it can be downloaded from;


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Jan Bos


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Thanks a lot, it loks good. you have idea it is compatibly with Teamcenter?

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I feel your pain......we currently break up the frame using a combination of sub-assemblies and configurations to isolate the modules of our horse float trailer frames.


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