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Frame study connection lines


I have a problem making a simulation for a frame, when im making a new study it automatically makes a connection lines between frame components, but in case i have frame part wich stands alone and are not jointed with a main part of the frame. If those lines are not connected then i cant make a Mesh. My question is that can i connect those connection lines manually or whats the solution? 


Also i added a picture to be able to better understand.



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Re: Frame study connection lines

I'm not sure how you go between SE and say RISA or some other wireframe modeling package. In those packages, a rigid link will be required to connect the tube to the rest of the frame by manually adding a line. You will need to decide how you want to connect that beam. It could be connected to one, both, or nether of the near by member depending on how it's attached and what freedoms are desired in the final model. This is where the structural engineer comes in and understand how the applied loads will effect the structure and what exactly is being looked at with a given simulation.

Re: Frame study connection lines

Thank you for your answer 12GAGE. Solution has been found and I am making progress Smiley Happy

Re: Frame study connection lines

Your welcome. Be careful to not add more than one rigid link to any beam end unless you really need it. I see some small triangles that would give me concern if they are rigid links. Rigid links are just that...rigid. and really make the model stronger where it should not be.


The real trick is to nail everything down as loosely as you can. Let the model breath and deform the way it needs too. The beams are just big springs in analysis.


The other reason for rigid links is to move the loads from applied areas, line,points, to the beams. Understanding the loads before modeling really dictates the right thing to do.

Re: Frame study connection lines

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I'm struggling with the same problem as you are. I want to connect these two beams with a rigid link.


frame simulation.JPG


How do I connect them?


Just a tip: if you have found a solution to your problem, it would be nice to let others know also what the solution was so they wouldn't have to ask it later again Smiley Happy


EDIT: I understand that you have to manually draw lines from one end to another to connect the ends of the frames. Do I have to add a frame profile to those "connector-lines" to make them work?

Re: Frame study connection lines

I can add that the only workaround I know of is to re-create the Frame + Simulation, and hopefully the Connector is there.


There existst an ER for manual creation of Frame Simulation Connectors, so please add to this via your Support Channels.


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