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Framing question

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I am experimenting with the framing module to create a chassis and superstructure for an articulated trailer. I started with my datum plane as the underside of the chassis rails (in hindsight it should have been the top of the chassis rails). This part isn't a problem to fix as I can simply reposition the frame cross sections relative to the 3D lines.

My problem is the repositioning of a grid of lines I created to position cross members. I want to move this entire grid in the Z direction so that it is coplanar with the lines used for the chassis rails.

I have tried using the "Move Segment" command but I don't seem to be able to highlight all of the grid lines as a group.

Is there a quicker solution than breaking any end connections and moving each line individually? Also, how do I specify an exact offset distance?

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.



Re: Framing question

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Siemens Master
I am not sure I totally follow what you did, but I think I do. I am not sure there is a quick fix to move what you have. What I would suggest you do next time is to create planar sets of frame lines as a 2D SKETCH rather than a bunch of 3D elements which happen to be coplanar.
There is a lot more flexibility in 2D sketch, plus they will reposition as a single thing. You can connect 3D sketches to the 3D sketches and it will all hold together.

Re: Framing question

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Thanks for your suggestion, I'll try it out.