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Free2D Tips Tip#1


A new user asked the question about accessing the block library delivered with Solid
Edge 2D Drafting.
The block library may be accessed through the Edge Bar. Edge Bar is the navigation
window you see to the left hand side of the application window. Most likely you
see the Desktop folder as the default folder in the Edge Bar.
If you double click on ‘My Computer’ and then navigate to the following folder,
you will find the library of delivered blocks.
C:\Program Files\Solid Edge 2D Drafting V19\Sample Blocks
There you will see sub folders for different types of blocks. Navigate to one of
these sub folders and click on one of the draft files (block library files). Toward
the bottom of the Edge Bar you will see a list of blocks which are in the file you
selected. You can drag the horizontal bar between the block library names (.dft
files) and the block names (in the file selected) to see more block names in the
list. You can also scroll the list. If you click on one of the block names, you
will see an image of the block at the bottom of the Edge Bar. To place the block,
just drag and drop the block name into the working sheet. It's that simple.
Rick B.