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Freeform Designing... then into NURBS CAD format


This looks very promising. Too bad Solid Edge doesn't have this add-in!  $995


Watch the video here:



Cyborg3D SubD2CAD brings the powerful SubD to CAD conversion tools (found in our Power Surfacing add-in for SolidWorks and our Power SubD-NURBS plug-in for MODO) to the rest of the Sub-D design community. SubD2CAD is a standalone product that can be used to convert existing subdivision surface models into NURBS boundary representations (Breps) which may be exported to standard formats readable by all CAD systems.


Re: Freeform Designing... then into NURBS CAD format

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Gears Esteemed Contributor

Hi @BobMileti,


Neat stuff alright....I've seen a similar video of NX, doing this sort of thing. IIRC, to a camera body.


Only one little thing, just because I think it's BS, was the use of "most" in their comment on "up vector".




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Re: Freeform Designing... then into NURBS CAD format



That's all primative capabilities when compared with the other Siemens PLM products that have been doing this for many years now.


Take a look at these links...and remember these are several years old already!


This link is a quick shot of using and extrapolating surface geometry from human digital scan data and used to develop products.


The bird of prey is using NX Shape Studio and remember this is parametric!


Industrial housing for equipment.


Here's a decent complete workflow for design of product.



Re: Freeform Designing... then into NURBS CAD format


Sean and Ryan,


YES, I know that NX has this.... I've seen most of the examples you both mentioned.  And that's part of my frustration. My point is Solidworks has this capability with an add-on. So why can't Solid Edge users? If Siemens has this for so many years, why can't we get something like this? I realize that NX is used more for organic like Design whereas SE is "Machine" orientated, but as the marketplace keeps changing so does Siemens in their diliniated mindset. 


Bottom line is that Siemens/Solid Edge would prefer me to spend $1,000 with another commany, than offer their users a similar "add-on" package. This is utterly stupid. Why am I not surprised.


I've said this here for years the "Sketch-up" world is coming, and the mindset with it. If SE wants to stay competitive, they need to be able to look ahead. Look how many years it took of complaining about VS+ and it's piss poor rendering. I had to spend $2,000 to get KeyShot, because SE insisted that VS+ was good enough, while the rest of the CAD marketplace was blowing their doors in.


I wish Karsten Newbury was still running things... at least he had vision. And I'm sure that's what did him in there.

Re: Freeform Designing... then into NURBS CAD format




Yes... any CAD products that use the Y axis pointing up is usually for Architecture and illustration since they believe the FRONT view is the natural way to view the drawing. However in the "real world" it's always been based on Cartesian Coordiantes where Z is pointing up... in the plan view.


So yes these folks definately are coming from the undisciplined world of organic shapes.






Re: Freeform Designing... then into NURBS CAD format






I understand the frustration. I really do. But you have to keep in mind that DS has made the similar decision as Siemens has made with regards to working in this type of environment: They have both said this is an area that marks a market segmentation between mid range and high end CAD systems.


You have to realize this is a 3rd party add-in for SolidWorks. This is NOT a SolidWorks/DS product. If you want this type of capability inside of SW you have to either pony up for their new SW apps or move to CATIA. Siemens approach for SE is identical. But in this case, SW has a 3rd party that has already produced a product- because that has been the SW approach to every module that isn't strictly base CAD- let 3rd parties develop it. SE is playing the same card just much, much later in the game. You see that with the push of the SE App store. (Which like the Windows Store is lacking in offerings! Sorry MS I still love you though.)


Would it be good for SE if they could have this NX capabalities split off and then added as an SE App? You bet it would. Would you be spending more than $1,000 to get the level of NX parametric sub-D functionality inside of SE? You bet you would. Would many SE customers be willing to invest the neccessary amounts to make it profitable for Siemens? I'm not sure but I would guess that would not be the case or Siemens would have taken it up by now or SPLM is holding the line on market segmentation.


IMO, Siemens would prefer that you alter your design workflow to include the NX Shape Studio up front and work within the two systems. I, honestly, don't see that as a viable option for many SE users as the NX bundle that includes Shape Studio is quite expensive- even for many NX customers. That's why they are in a different market segmentation.


I would like to echo your frustration with Siemens PLM and the Solid Edge Marketing group. We really haven't had much, if any, communication from them on product direction, strategy or just plain communication in general. That is not what a community and customers require. We need to be able to plan our business strategy and with Siemens PLM as a strategy partner they need to start living up to their end of the partnership and start communicating! (insert "Liberty Leading the People", by the French Romantic artist Eugène Delacroix here!)

Re: Freeform Designing... then into NURBS CAD format


Thanks Ryan... I understand completely and as you point out, that's my frustration.  Siemens and "what's his name" the guy who took Karsten's place at Solid Edge are too insulated from the community. If "what's his name" think he'll be cheered at the next SEU2016, for just showing up, he's mistaken.


YES, I understand market segment and everything needs to be profitable, I doubt "what's his name" if fighting like Karsten did for the users. If Siemens can't provide the "Shape Studio" type capability, even in a limited manner, to Solid Edge, then why do they refuse to work with more outside vendors that CAN give the user better tools to work with?   My mention of Keyshot is exactly the point... We all spent years paying for a crappy VS+ program and presenting renderings from the dark ages while $300 programs blew us out of the water. I guess we'll get a new add-on in another 5 years or so if we spend the next few years of pleading.


Actually the thought of going to SEU2016 this year, just to see "what's his name" talk about ST9 or whatever, isn't going to do it for me.... I'd rather purchase Cyborg3D SubD2CAD instead. Like Siemens I like to be profitable too!



Re: Freeform Designing... then into NURBS CAD format

PLM World Member Phenom PLM World Member Phenom
PLM World Member Phenom

Just to take the corresponding point of view, Solid Edge is also competing with the likes of Fusion 360 and OnShape.  Considering that Fusion 360 has integral environments for SubD modeling as well as parametric modeling, Solid Edge would be wise to consider adding an environment to its arsenal.


Oh, and yes, I do consider Fusion 360 to be competing with NX, too.  Not all the functionality is there yet within Fusion 360 to say it is a viable contendor, but the rate at which it is progressing means it won't be long.

--Scott Wertel, P.E.

Re: Freeform Designing... then into NURBS CAD format

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Honored Contributor

Good information about the line between mid range and high end CAD.


The problem is, as 3D printing and reverse engineering (point cloud processing) become more prevelent. These features will be expected in mid range CAD.


Once you get into 3D printing and Point clouds. The process of points to polygons to nurbs to primatives needs to be part of every CAD package in the long run.


I always thought the line between mid range and high end CAD was multiple location or enterprize solutions.


The line between class A surfacing and reverse engineering is nothing if nurbs are involved. The lack of software with good tools in all areas is a problem.


If you want 3D printing from scanned objects. Class A surfacing needs to be included.


In general for point clouds to 3D printing the full process is:

Use point to register points

Use polygons to fix registration

convert point to polygons

convert points to nurbs

convert point to primatives

Use the mixture of everything to make assumptions about flat, up, square, etc.

Make more point from nurbs and primatives to fill in the mising data.

Repeat any steps with missing information using assumptions

Then start creating all the missing corners with path and profile functions.

Re: Freeform Designing... then into NURBS CAD format

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Gears Phenom

Hi @BobMileti,


I understand your frustration, but I think those guys read your "message"... Smiley Wink


Only a short note to this: "what's his name" the guy who took Karsten's place at Solid Edge..."

His name is John Miller and he is a good guy. Yes, his character is a little bit different from Karsten's but he want to help Solid Edge users. I was lucky because I had a breakfast with him & @SeanCresswell & @Tushar. We talked some serious "problems" from customer's side, community's side etc...


I suggest writing a direct (with some Mileti moments Smiley Very Happy ) e-mail to him, I think he will respond!