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Hi Everyone,


Can Solid Edge Premium generate G-Code by itself without using other software? 




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‎05-04-2017 10:18 PM

Re: G-Code

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Hi there @Muhammad_Ayub,


No, Solid Edge is primarily a CAD tool......for CAM you would need to use a third party application to generate the relevant CNC machine tool information.


Take a look here for starters.....

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Betreff: G-Code

Hi @Muhammad_Ayub


as @SeanCresswell already mentioned, You need an additional solution to do this.

Depending on what machines You want to control, there exists several products.


I personally prefer solutions which are embeeded into my original software.

So without making marketing for them, but for Solid Edge there is only CAMWorks for Solid Edge which is 99.99% implemented into SE.

And this IMHO is a large advantage.

You have not to take care about interface, associativity and most important user interface.

You still stay in Your software.


So this at all events is worth to consider too.